Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bountiful Baskets

Ok this has been so wonderful I had to post it. Anyone ever heard of bountiful baskets? If you have you know how awesome this is. You sign up every week (if you want) its a week by week thing and its first come first serve. So, you have to be ontop of the ball if you want it cause they run out FAST. Anyway, I got all this fresh fresh produce for $15. Yep, I said it $15. I love it we eat so much healthier and Im finding my kids love all kinds of vegetables that I had no idea cause it usually cost so much at the store I don't usuallly buy it. So, if you are interested go to and see if they have a site in your area. So worth it.


Jenilee said...

Nothing for NY Bummer. I need to move back to Utah!!!

Mauri said...

jessi...which one do you pick up at?
my sister was telling me about this in AZ and she LOVES it!